Tony Romo For Johnny Manziel?

Reports from a Dallas newspaper hypothetically suggest that Houston should trade the number one pick to Dallas in exchange for Tony Romo and Dallas would then draft Johnny Manziel? Yes Johnny Football ladies and gentlemen, if I was Jerry Jones I would consider putting Tony Romo on my back and carrying him up the road to Houston for a shot at a player like Manziel, with that being said Johnny Manziel is still an unproven commodity in the NFL. Why I do think Manziel will do just fine in the NFL Tony Romo’s number rank alongside the all time greats in a variety of categories, but Dallas fans are not satisfied because they believe he is a disaster waiting to happen. The Cowboys who are a symbol of mediocrity would probably be worse without Romo, but Jerry Jones loves box office and Manziel is just that he would put people in the seats of Jones’ playhouse and possibly provide stability and accountability to an unstable Franchise at the moment. Tony Romo who is 33 years old quarterback coming off back surgery and who makes a lot of guaranteed money may need a fresh start to see his full potential flourish. One is for certain though no matter where the former Heisman Trophy winner ends up he will be watched closely with every move he makes.


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