The Man You Can’t Help But Admire

Chris Moore| BKD TV Insiders





Derek Jeter will ride off into the sunset following the 2014 MLB Season

Derek Jeter will ride off into the sunset following the 2014 MLB Season

        “Now batting for the Yankees, number 2, Derek Jeter, number 2.” Bob Sheppard has been calling Derek Jeter to bat for the Yankees since he won rookie of the year in 1996. Derek Jeter burst onto the scene and established himself as a winner. He helped the Yankees win the World Series 4 of his first 5 seasons in the bigs. In 2000 he won the All-Star game MVP and World Series MVP.
        Derek Jeter has been my favorite player since I could talk and I know I’m not the only one who has that story. You could go on and on talking about everything Derek has done on the field in his career. But nothing you say could do him justice with what he has done. Why? The guy is simply magical. Just when you think Derek is out of a play or his career is on the decline, he shocks the world. Remember in 2001 against Oakland in the playoffs when Derek came out of nowhere and pulled off “the flip” when he didn’t even belong in the play? Or how about more recently, his 3,000th hit? You know, the homerun, and the fact that he went 5-5 with the game winning hit. Or how about when he batted .270 in 2010 and .297 (respectable but below his career average) in 2011 and you thought he was out gas, but in 2012 he led the MLB in hits and batted .316. Keep in mind, 2012 was Miguel Cabrera’s triple crown year and Mike Trout’s rookie breakout campaign. Yeah, Jeter had more hits than both of those guys.
      Derek Jeter has a way of shining bright just when you think he’s nowhere to be found. But he’s played in New York all his career, so he has to get in trouble at some point, right? Nope, not this man. When Derek wasn’t playing, he kept quiet, to himself and stayed out of trouble. Not to mention, his impressive list of girls that he’s dated, but that’s a topic for another day.
     My point is, I could talk about Derek Jeter all day and everything he has done, through the steroid era no less. I can’t wait to watch Derek’s farewell tour. I don’t think it’s something Derek wants because he’s not one to draw attention to himself but it’s something he certainly deserves. So let’s just sit back and watch Derek Jeter turn back the clock for another 162 games and put a cap on a glorious career that will put him in the Hall-of-Fame in 6 years.




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