Final Four and National Championship Preview

Chris Moore| BKD TV Insiders


The Final Four is sure to add a fantastic ending to a great NCAA Tournament

The Final Four is sure to add a fantastic ending to a great NCAA Tournament





So here we are, the Final Four, and I have NO idea who’s going to win it all. Kentucky is the most talented team and they’re finally playing like it. Wisconsin is athletic and has nightmare matchups everywhere because just about everyone on the roster can step back and knock down three’s. Then on the other side of the bracket there’s Florida. This team embodies the belief that chemistry and team basketball beats talent. Last but not least, there’s this team in Connecticut that nobody talked about and all of a sudden they’re in the Final Four after beating, Villanova, Iowa State, and the tournament favorite on ESPN, Michigan State. So who do you pick? I don’t have any idea. But I’m going to give it a whirl because, why not? The rest of my bracket is trash so I might as well mess up the Final Four.

UCONN vs. Florida:
Florida has been the best team since December and there hasn’t been a debate about it since they got the number one ranking. We all know about the team defense they play that’s suffocating all game long. Scottie Wilbekin has stepped and played outstanding through the tournament and has been the catalyst for the Florida offense. UCONN on the other hand comes in to this game with the relief of knowing they were the last team to beat Florida. As far as X’s and O’s goes that game won’t mean much, but just knowing they’ve done it will help them feel like they can get it done and beat the odds on favorite to win it all. Of course we all know about Shabazz Napier and the way he has played but UConn as a team has played very well including some stout defense. Just ask Michigan State. Everything in me wants me to pick Florida, but this UConn team has fooled me too many times and I think they have something special brewing. The 2011 UConn team was a very good team that got hot. It was more than Kemba Walker, he’s just the name we remember. Shabazz Napier has this UConn team at a place nobody saw them getting too. So I say, why can’t he take them a step further? UConn wins a doozy.

Wisconsin vs. Kentucky:
The Badgers come into this game off of a big win over Arizona and I thought the refs tried to give that game to Arizona with the out of bounds call late. Never the less, Wisconsin is here behind their new found star named Frank Kaminsky. The Badgers are as skilled and as athletic of a team that Bo Ryan has ever had. They can flat out score and it starts with their ability to knock down shots from anywhere on the court no matter who has the ball. Meanwhile, Kentucky has been the most talked about team in the tournament and rightfully so. They’ve been in three great games in a row and are the most talented team in the country. They have possibly four first round draft picks this year. The Harrison twins have stepped and played the best basketball of they have all year. Julius Randle has looked more determined with every rebound that he can get. I think the Wildcats will is the reason that they are hear and it carries them by Wisconsin in Kentucky’s fourth straight game that comes down to the wire.

National Championship:
First of all, no matter what matchup we get, the championship is going to be a fantastic game. In my version though, UConn and Kentucky is going to be a game to see. Kentucky is big and physical down low. UConn is guard oriented and playing outstanding defense. So who wins? I’ll take the Wildcats. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: Kentucky is the most talented team in the country. The Wildcats figured it out just in time and once again. The will of the Wildcats and their big man Julius Randle take John Calipari to his second championship in three years.


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