The Good The Bad & The Ugly For Week 3 of The MLB Season

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders



Here Is Another Edition of the 2014 MLB Good, Bad & Ugly for Week 3:

The Good: Mark Buehrle, LHP Toronto Blue Jays: Buehrle has 4 wins for the Blue Jays along with 0.64 ERA, 19 K’s & 0.93 WHIP. The Blue Jays are staying competitive in the race in the wild AL East.

The Bad: Arizona Diamondbacks Pitching: The D’Backs pitching as team ERA is 5.70 ERA,this is the worst ERA in Baseball. Starters ERA is 7.42 ERA with 1.67 WHIP, just plain bad!

The Ugly: Houston Astros Hitting: The Stros are only averaging .192 hitting average, scored only 52 runs, OBP only .265, SLG only .338 & OPS .603. Just Ugly.


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