Mayweather vs. Maidana “The Moment” Review

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders



Floyd Mayweather moved to 46-0 with a tough win over Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas last night

Floyd Mayweather moved to 46-0 with a tough win over Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas last night


Last Night we witnessed good action, some knockdowns & good boxing in Mayweather vs. Maidana “The Moment”, Mayweather came close at times to the Moment he could have gotten beat, but he retained his undefeated record. Let’s Review:

Super Middleweight Fight 10 Rounds- J’Leon Love def Marco Periban by Unanimous Decision: Periban I do believe dictated the action in this fight & knocked down Love with a fury of punches, but Love was able to recover & Periban really did nothing in this fight afterward. Periban’s punching was very slow during the whole fight & then he looked tired at the end. Love also tried to fight lick he was Mayweather, wrong game plan for Love. Fans at Vegas were thinking either draw or Periban win, but you have to land your punches & Love did that during the fight more than Periban did in my opinion.

Welterweight Fight 10 Rounds – Adrien Broner def Carlos Molina by Unanimous Decision: It took Broner about 4 rounds to get the silliness out & then he went in on Molina, Molina at times looked like he hasn’t been in the squared circle in 18 months. When Broner comes to fight & leave the playing at home, he can be very dangerous. Molina is now on a 2 fight losing streak now, back to the drawing board. Broner should be inching closer to a fight with Danny Garcia, which nobody should play with.

Welterweight Fight 12 Rounds- Amir Khan def Luis Collazo by Unanimous Decision: Collazo looked like he had a game plan of exposing Khan’s lack of Power & knocking him out, but in doing so, Collazo’s defense was terrible as if he didn’t even have his gloves up to block some of Khan’s punches, resulting in 2 knockdowns in the fight, in the 5th & 10th rounds. Khan landed his punches very well doing the fight & Collazo did not. After the 8th round, it was Khan’s fight to lose in my opinion. Khan wants Mayweather now; I think he’s still not ready yet.

WBC/WBA welterweight unification Title Fight 12 Rounds- Floyd Mayweather def Marcos Maidana by Majority Decision: By far this was Mayweather best challenge to him getting that 1 in the loss column in a very long time as Maidana was bring the heat, but like Mayweather does, Maidana became a victim of missing punches, so bad that he threw more than double the punches as Mayweather(Total Punches landed/thrown: Mayweather 230/456 53%; Maidana 221/858 25%) this was the difference to me in the fight & also Maidana looked very tired after the 10th round, he still was punching but not with the fury he had earlier in the fight. Mayweather was able to start using his right jab as he counter punched late in the fight and was able to win this fight. Maidana does get credit for staying on Mayweather throughout this fight, but you have to land those punches when you fight the best, easier said than done vs. Mayweather. It could be a rematch with these 2 in the fall.


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