The St. Louis Sams

Byron Dixon| BKD TV

Micheal Sam has broken barriers off the football field and now he looks to make plays on the field at the NFL level

Micheal Sam has broken barriers off the football field and now he looks to make plays on the field at the NFL level


With the 249th pick the St. Louis Rams select Micheal Sam defensive end Missouri.

Michael Sam is not just any other draft selection, the reigning Co SEC defensive player of the year has become the first openly gay player drafted into any major sport through the draft. Usually a 7th round pick does not make an impact on their new team, but this sure will change because way before Sam even hits the field he will have to tackle the numerous questions and scrutiny he will encounter just down the road from where he played college football at Missouri. Sam was elated to be picked and was showed next to his partner as they embraced and showed their love for one another.

Michael Sam did not stand out at the NFL Scouting Combine but one thing that did jump out to people was his tape, Sam flew from sideline to sideline making tackles and chasing down quarterbacks last season which helped him be recognized by the SEC as defensive player of the year. Micheal Sam now joins a great young defensive line in St. Louis that loves to get after the quarterback and within the NFC West which is called the toughest division in football he will be able to do just that focus on football and learn from people who have done this at the NFL level.

While the NFL or any other sport has ever had an openly gay player, Sam and the Rams will see their share of reporters and answer their share of questions weekly if not daily. Micheal Sam’s character and bravery cannot come into question, “sure there will be idiots saying stupid things on the field but I am motivated to play hard for my team and my teammates those things are important and that is what I will do” said Sam.

The hottest selling rookie jersey in the NFL is Johnny Manziel’s. The second best-selling jersey is Sam’s. It turns out NFL fans can’t wait to buy, and presumably wear the jersey of a gay man. Who would have predicted that? Hopefully Sam’s buzz off the field can translate to success on the field and help bring back relevance to the St. Louis Rams organization.

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