Yoenis Cespedes Brings The Thunder, Becomes 2 Time Home Run Derby Champ

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

Yoenis Cespedes hitting on of his 30 Home Runs in Last Night Home Run Derby @ Target Field

Yoenis Cespedes hitting on of his 30 Home Runs in last night’s Home Run Derby at Target Field

2014 Home Run Derby Recap

After a One Hour Rain delay at Target Field in Minneapolis, the Home Run Derby brings out a Rainbow after the 1st Home Run by Todd Fraizer, Jose Batista had 10 1st Round Home Runs, Giancarlo Stanton towering Flex Ball Bombs, but the from after the 1st round to the end, the defending champ Yoenis Cespedes from the A’s did his thing & became only the 2nd man to repeat as HR Derby Champ.

Cespedes owned it Monday night just as he owned it a year ago at Citi Field, and in so doing, he joined Ken Griffey Jr. (1998-99) as the only Derby participants to successfully defend their crowns. Cespedes’ pure power was once again a sight to behold. His effortlessly majestic, arching blows routinely reached the second and third decks as he amassed nine home runs in the final round to easily dispatch Frazier, the National League’s finals representative, who hit just one home run.

The preview, it turned out, came in the swing-offs that ended the first round. Troy Tulowitzki and Adam Jones had joined Stanton and Bautista in advancing, but Cespedes and teammate Josh Donaldson were tied for third place in the AL with three apiece, while Frazier was tied with Morneau for third in the NL with two apiece. A three-swing tiebreaker followed, with Cespedes and Frazier advancing and, as it turned out, paving their way to the finals.

Interestingly, Frazier hit just 10 home runs total between the first round, the swing-off, the second round and the semifinals. But what he lacked in total tally, he more than made up for in timeliness. Frazier edged Tulo, 6-2, in the second round. And the semifinals round brought the night’s biggest surprise: Frazier surviving against Stanton despite hitting just one home run.

I would say this format wasn’t bad, except the 2 guys that got a bye were really cold when they got back on the field, I would say have the top 4 guys from each league move on to the 2nd round & also shorten up things in between hitters also.

Below are some Videos of Moments from last night’s Home Run Derby & also a scorecard from last night too.



AL Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Rd. 3 Final Rd. 3 Rd. 2 Rd. 1 NL
Brian Dozier 2 1 6 2 Todd Frazier
Jose Bautista 10 Bye 4 Cespedes 9 2 4 Troy Tulowitzki
Adam Jones 4 3 Frazier 1 0 Yasiel Puig
Josh Donaldson 3 0 Bye 6 Giancarlo Stanton
Yoenis Cespedes 3 9 7 2 Justin Morneau

Round 1 tiebreakers: Cespedes 2, Donaldson 1; Frazier 1, Morneau 0


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