Don’t Call It A Dynasty

BKD TV Insiders| Chris Moore


The San Francisco Giants did it again. Are you surprised? For the third consecutive even year, the Giants won the World Series. This year, against the Kansas City Royals on the back of Madison Bumgarner. Madison Bumgarner put up one of the greatest performances in World Series history. Not just for a pitcher, but a player in general. After throwing Games one and five and allowing one run in those games, Bumgarner entered Game seven two days after throwing 117 pitches in Game five. In the fifth inning the score was 3-2 and the question was; how many innings could Madison give the Giants? Well, after giving up a hit to Omar Infante, Bumgarner retired the next 14 hitters before giving up a hit and ultimately retiring Salvador Perez to end the game and the series. Bumgarner was unquestionably named the MVP of the series

So now the question has risen, is this a dynasty? When you think of dynasty, you think of domination. You think of always being competitive even if you don’t win it all. You think of the Bulls three-peating twice. You think of the Celtics winning 11 of 13 championships. You think of the Yankees winning 4 out of 5 titles in the late 90’s. The Giants? In the two years they didn’t win, they didn’t even have a .500 record. The years they do win it? The regular season record was never better than fourth in the MLB. They had the tenth best record this year! The Giants don’t dominate. You never look at their roster and think, “that’s the best team in baseball.” What the Giants do is special. It is unique, but it’s not a dynasty.

The Giants do one thing very well that not many other teams get. When October rolls around, the Giants win. Pablo Sandoval just set the record for hits a single postseason which went widely overlooked after Madison Bumgarner’s dominance. In 2010 it was Tim Lincecum that carried the load for the pitching staff. In 2012, it was Matt Cain and this year it was Madison Bumgarner. Every year someone new is stepping up for this team. The Giants are never dominant, they’re never the best, but they win in the playoffs. They win when it matters. The Giants are special and we should absolutely appreciate what they have done over the past 5 years. Dynasty is a strong word for dominant teams. The Giants are their own breed of great.


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