NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

Chris Moore| BKD TV Insiders


In our second edition of the NFL Power Rankings we already have a power struggle at the top. Is it Arizona or New England? Where do the Steelers rank after two impressive wins? How far do the Broncos fall? Byron Dixon, Shubasz Gordon, Demarus Dye, Darrien Coleman, and myself (Chris Moore) got together again to give our NFL Power Rankings.

1. Arizona Cardinals. Average Rank: 1.4. Votes Received: 5. Last Week Ranking: 2.

The Cardinals continue to impress as they continue to win. Their only loss this year was on the road against the Broncos in which they had start their backup quarterback. This week, after Carson Palmer threw a pick-six on the opening drive, the Cardinals outscored the Cowboys 28-10 the rest of the way. This week they host division opponent St. Louis who will surely have some trickery up their sleeves to try and knock off the division leading Cardinals.

2. New England Patriots. Average Rank: 1.6. Votes Received: 5. Last Week Ranking: 3.

After getting blown out in Kansas City the New England Patriots have looked unbeatable. Tom Brady continues to light up defenses and the New England secondary is beginning to take shape as one of the best in the league. If they continue to dominate, it will be hard to keep them out of the number one spot in the power rankings.

3. Denver Broncos. Average Rank: 4.4. Votes Received: 5. Last Week Ranking: 1.

The Denver Broncos went to New England last week and got rolled. Peyton continues to show struggles in cold, windy games. However, with Denver having an easier remaining schedule than New England, they could still easily get home-field advantage and force New England to come to Denver for a rematch of the AFC Championship from last year.

4. Philadelphia Eagles. Average Rank: 4.6. Votes Received: 5. Last Week Ranking: 5.

Mark Sanchez is a starting quarterback and wearing green and white. This can’t be good can it? Mark looked solid in his relief of Nick Foles who will be out 6-8 weeks with a broken collarbone. Sanchez has help he never had in New York. If avoids turnovers, the Eagles will just be fine. If he avoids turnovers and plays well, can the Eagles go back to Nick Foles when he returns? We’ll see.

5. Detroit Lions. Average Rank: 5.4. Votes Received: 5. Last Week Ranking: 7.

Coming off the bye, expect Calvin Johnson, and Reggie Bush to be back in the lineup for the Detroit Lions. This will help Matt Stafford immensely and could take some pressure off the defense. This week they will host the surging Dolphins who just humiliated the Chargers in a laugher.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers. Average Rank: 6.2. Votes Received: 5. Last Week Ranking: 14.

Has anybody been more impressive than the Pittsburgh Steelers the past two weeks? Big Ben continues to light up opposing defenses as he went for six touchdowns again. It’s hard for me to get the Tampa Bay loss out of my head for the Steelers, but with upcoming games against the Jets and Titans, they could find themselves at 8-3 and right in the thick of the race for the AFC’s top seed.

7. Indianapolis Colts. Average Rank: 4.75. Votes Received: 4. Last Week Ranking: 10.

The Colts continue to ride the coat tails of their star quarterback Andrew Luck. Can you blame them? He is on pace for the record for attempts in a single season. He is also on pace for the yardage record in a season. They head into the bye at 6-3 and will have New England coming out of it in Week 11.

8. Cincinnati Bengals. Average Rank: 8. Votes Received: 4. Last Week Ranking: 6.

The Bengals struggled a little bit more than they would have liked at home against Jacksonville. However they did find a gem at backup running back in Jeremy Hill who ran for 154 yards and two scores in the win. Andy Dalton threw two touchdowns to go with two interceptions. The Bengals will battle in-state rival Cleveland in the ongoing battle that is the AFC North.

9. Seattle Seahawks. Average Rank: 10. Votes Received: 4. Last Week Ranking: 9.

Another less than impressive win for the Seahawks at home. Give credit to Oakland though. As much as they lose, they never seem to get blown out. You get the sense that one of two things is happening in Seattle. They are conserving energy and health for later in the season or they’re just not as good as they were last year.

10. Dallas Cowboys. Average Rank: 8.66. Votes Received: 3. Last Week Ranking: 4.

Dallas’ bye week cannot get here soon enough. With Tony Romo’s back injury the Dallas offense couldn’t run it or throw it against Arizona. They have chance to survive a game against Jacksonville in London without Tony Romo, but you have to think they are counting down the days to the bye week to get him healthy.

Other Receiving Votes.

11. Green Bay Packers. Votes Received: 2.

12. Miami Dolphins. Votes Received: 1.

13. Kansas City Chiefs. Votes Received: 1.

The Rest.

14. Cleveland Browns

15. Baltimore Ravens

16. New Orleans Saints

17. Buffalo Bills

18. San Diego Chargers

19. San Francisco 49ers

20. Houston Texans

21. Chicago Bears

22. Carolina Panthers

23. St. Louis Rams

24. New York Giants

25. Minnesota Vikings

26. Washington Redskins

27. Atlanta Falcons

28. Tennessee Titans

29. New York Jets

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

32. Oakland Raiders


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