BKD TV Presents: College Football Playoff Rankings

Shubasz Gordon| BKD TV

After week two of the official College Football Playoff rankings there was not much change at the top but a little movement throughout the rankings, here are this week’s rankings courtesy of BKD TV:

1. Mississippi State: Mississippi State stays on top of the polls with a gritty win against SEC opponent Kentucky, Dak Presscott threw for a career high 331 yards in the victory.

2.Florida State: The Seminoles overcame a 21 point deficit against the nations best scoring defense in Louisville, staying undefeated the rest of the way will be big to the Seminoles repeat chances.

3.Auburn: Auburn was on the outside looking in but now the Tigers are primed to have a chance to redeem themselves with another chance at a College Football Championship.

4. Alabama: The tide who are the last team in these rankings are playing in the tough SEC West and their resume’ is a little more impressive than Oregon’s. The committee though seems to like Oregon over Alabama at the moment.

First Two Out:

Oregon: The Ducks continue to play well but their one of my first teams out. Oregon will have to win out to steal a spot in the top four. Oregon will also have to improve defensively to compete in January.

TCU: TCU is now in the top six with intentions to shake things up. TCU has a prolific offense and a defense that takes chances, this is the team that could get in with a sweep of their remaining schedule. I guess it’s time to Fear The Frog.


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