2014 NFL Playoff Picture for Week 12

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders


As we inch closer & closer to the 2015 NFL Postseason, BKD TV Presents the 2014 NFL Playoff Picture, this week we will be going into week 12. We thank ESPN & NFL.com for there help on this article. In parentheses is the wins, losses & in italic games still to play vs. teams in the playoff hunt) Pictures of Teams in the playoffs slots at this point will be Top Running Backs this week.


1 New England Patriots 8-2(W: vs. Bengals, @ Bills, vs. Broncos, @ Colts. L: @ Dolphins, @ Chiefs. Still to Play: @ Chargers, vs. Dolphins)

Patriots Running Back Jonas Gray


2 Denver Broncos 7-3(W: vs. Colts, vs. Chiefs, vs. Chargers. L: @ Patriots. Still to Play: vs. Dolphins, @ Chiefs, vs. Bills, @ Chargers, @ Bengals)

Broncos Running Back CJ Anderson


Cincinnati Bengals 6-3-1(W: @ Ravens & vs. Ravens. L: @ Patriots, @ Colts, vs. Browns. Still to Come: @ Browns, vs. Steelers & @ Steelers, @ Texans, vs. Broncos)

Bengals Running Back Giovani Bernard


Indianapolis Colts 6-4(W: vs. Ravens, @ Texans, vs. Bengals. L: @ Broncos, @ Steelers, vs. Patriots. Still to Come: @ Browns, vs. Texans)

Colts Running Backs Ahmad Bradshaw (44) and running back Trent Richardson (34)


Kansas City Chiefs 7-3(W: @ Dolphins, vs. Patriots, @ Chargers, @ Bills. L: @ Broncos. Still to Come: vs. Broncos, @ Steelers, vs. Chargers)

Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles


Pittsburgh Steelers 7-4(W: vs. Browns, vs. Texans, vs. Colts, vs. Ravens. L: @ Ravens, @ Browns. Still to Come: @ Bengals & vs. Bengals, vs. Chiefs)

Steelers Running Back Le’Veon Bell



In the Hunt:

Miami Dolphins 6-4(W: vs. Patriots, vs. Chargers, vs. Bills. L: @ Bills, vs. Chiefs. Still to Play: @ Broncos, vs. Ravens, @ Patriots)

San Diego Chargers 6-4(W: @ Bills. L: vs. Chiefs, @ Broncos, @ Dolphins. Still to Play: @ Ravens, vs. Patriots, vs. Broncos, @ Chiefs)

Baltimore Ravens 6-4(W: vs. Steelers, @ Browns. L: vs. Bengals & @ Bengals, @ Colts, @ Steelers. Still to Play: vs. Chargers, @ Dolphins, @ Texans, vs. Browns)

Cleveland Browns 6-4(W: vs. Steelers, @ Bengals. L: @ Steelers, vs. Ravens, vs. Texans. Still to Play: vs. Bengals, @ Bills, vs. Colts, @ Ravens)

Houston Texans 5-5(W: vs. Bills, @ Browns. L: vs. Colts, @ Steelers. Still to Play: vs. Bengals, @ Colts, vs. Ravens)

Buffalo Bills 5-5(W: vs. Dolphins. L: vs. Chargers, @ Texans, vs. Patriots, vs. Chiefs, @ Dolphins. Still to Play: vs. Browns, @ Broncos, @ Patriots) 

Wild Cards Match-ups (if the Playoffs started now)

6 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 3 Cincinnati Bengals

5 Kansas City Chiefs vs. 4 Indianapolis Colts

1 New England & 2 Denver has 1st Round Bye


NFC *=NFC South Race only

1 Arizona Cardinals 9-1(W: @ Giants, vs. 49ers, vs. Eagles, @ Cowboys. L: None in NFC. Still to Play: vs. Lions, @ Seahawks & vs. Seahawks, @ Falcons, @ 49ers)

Cardinals Running Back Andre Ellington


Detroit Lions 7-3(W: vs. Giants, vs. Packers, @ Vikings, vs. Saints. L: @ Panthers. Still to Play: @ Cardinals, vs. Bears & @ Bears, vs. Vikings, @ Packers)

Lions Running Backs Reggie Bush(21) and Joique Bell(35)


3 Philadelphia Eagles 7-3(W: vs. Panthers. L: @ 49ers, @ Cardinals, @ Packers. Still to play: @ Cowboys & vs. Cowboys, vs. Seahawks, @ Giants)

Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy


4 Atlanta Falcons 4-6(W: vs. Saints, @ Panthers. L: @ Vikings, vs. Lions in London. Still to Play: vs. Panthers, vs. Cardinals, @ Packers, @ Saints)

Falcons Running Back Stephen Jackson


Green Bay Packers 7-3(W: vs. Vikings, vs. Panthers, vs. Eagles. L: @ Seahawks, @ Lions, @ Saints. Still to Play: @ Vikings, vs. Lions)

Packers Running Back Eddie Lacy


Dallas Cowboys 7-3(W: vs. Saints, @ Seahawks, vs. Giants. L: vs. 49ers, vs. Cardinals. Still to Play: @ Giants, vs. Eagles & @ Eagles, @ Bears)

Cowboys Running Back DeMarco Murray


In the Hunt:

San Francisco 49ers 6-4(W: @ Cowboys, vs. Eagles, @ Rams, @ Saints. L: vs. Bears, @ Cardinals, vs. Rams. Still to Play: @ Giants, vs. Seahawks & @ Seahawks, vs. Cardinals)

Seattle Seahawks 6-4(W: vs. Packers, @ Panthers. L: vs. Cowboys. Still to Play: vs. Cardinals & @ Cardinals, @49ers & @ 49ers, @ Eagles, vs. Rams)

New Orleans Saints 4-6(W: vs. Vikings, vs. Packers, @ Panthers. L: @ Cowboys, @ Falcons, @ Lions, vs. 49ers. Still to Play: vs. Panthers, vs. Falcons)

Chicago Bears 4-6(W: @ 49ers, vs. Vikings. L: vs. Packers & @ Packers, @ Panthers. Still to Play:@ Vikings, @ Lions & vs. Lions, vs. Cowboys, vs. Saints)

Minnesota Vikings 4-6(W: @ Rams. L: @ Saints, @ Packers, vs. Lions, @ Bears. Still to Play: vs. Bears, vs. Packers, vs. Panthers, @ Lions)

St. Louis Rams 4-6(W: vs. Seahawks, @ 49ers. L: vs. Vikings, vs. Cowboys, @ Eagles, vs. 49ers, @ Cardinals . Still to Play: vs. Cardinals, vs. Giants, @ Seahawks)

*Carolina Panthers 3-7-1(W: vs. Lions, vs. Bears. L: @ Packers, vs. Seahawks, vs. Saints, @ Eagles, vs. Falcons. Still to Play: @ Eagles, @ Vikings, @ Falcons, @ Saints)

Wild Cards Match-ups(if the Playoffs started now)

6 Dallas Cowboys vs. 3 Philadelphia Eagles

5 Green Bay Packers vs. 4 Atlanta Falcons

1 Arizona & 2 Detroit has 1st Round Bye



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