A Race Like No Other

Byron Dixon| BKD TV

In a season like no other in the NFL where it seems no one really knows who will be playing in Arizona this February for the Vince Lombardi Trophy one of the most open league MVP races is yet to be decided.

From the usual suspects at the quarterback position to some new invitees to the MVP party from running back to even defensive line this party is open to all. To narrow this done one must define MVP and what that really means, most valuable player is not referring to who is actually the most valuable because that would be a skill player year in and year out presumably at the quarterback position. It really is made up of three components: individual success, team success, and league impact week to week.

With those factors considered you can narrow it down to about 4 individuals. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, DeMarco Murray, JJ Watt.

To whom many consider the  baddest man at the quarterback  position Aaron Rodgers is not new to this side of the spectrum. A Super Bowl MVP winning as well as regular season MVP recipient it is truly a beautiful day in Mr. Rodgers neighborhood. At Lambeau field he is perfect literally, no interceptions and he has been making playoff caliber defenses look like the scout team back ups. With his team primed for another Super Bowl run.

Staying with another quarterback with some hardware and jewelry of his own you look no further than the Golden Boy Tom Brady. The credentials speak for themselves but has any other quarterback who is considered elite done more with less than Brady? It would be hard to argue I know that, whether it is a lack of weapons or a bad defense he still finds wats to be great.

Now to the newcomers, let’s start with the Boomer Sooner running back who is carrying the Dallas Cowboys to the NFC East crown and a playoff birth. If someone would have told you that DeMarco Murray would be leading the league in rushing by a considerable margin you would laugh, but this is indeed the case this season. In the shadow of Emit Smith, Murray is a tough old school runner who is making a strong case for MVP.

Now to the city of Houston where maybe the best player in the NFL resides. JJ Watt has done it all this season not only defensively with his usual high sack, swat, and turnover numbers but he has become a constant and legit red zone target for a competitive Houston team. If the Texans can find stability at quarterback he may be the first defensive player since Lawrence Taylor to win the award.

All in all whoever wins the award will have earned it. With the amount of parody in the NFL the competition level is at an all time high. The MVP Award race and announcement will be anticipated and discussed.


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