2014 Forest Hills Drive(J Cole Album Review)

Roger Herring| BKD TV Insiders

2014 Forest Hills Drive is the third studio album by American hip hop recording artist J. Cole, released on December 9, 2014, under Dreamville, Roc Nation and Columbia Records.


This is Roger Herring representing with another music review for BKD TV.

Literally coming out of nowhere, J Cole drops his third album 2014 Forrest Hills Drive.

This album is filled with a bunch of memorable moments. It is a personal growth as J. Cole shares stories about his life and experiences more than any other album. January 28th sets the bar as J. Cole raps about how people shouldn’t allow themselves to be persuaded to conform to society. The chorus goes“Don’t give ’em too much, you don’t let ’em take control, This one thing you do don’t let ’em taint your soul, If you believe in God One things for sure If you ain’t aim too high then you aim too low.”  In the song Wet Dreamz, J. Cole tells a detailed story of how he was gearing up to lose his virginity to another girl he was attracted to in High School. Another song where Cole talked about his past was in 03 Adolescence. J Cole raps “I always did shit the hard way, my niggas *** slangin’ in the hallway, Burnt CD’s and trees like this was broadway, Times Square Kept the dimes there in the locker, Some Reggie Miller, With more brown hairs than Chubacca. The album has an old school Hip-Hop sound to it that makes it unique.

The production is top notch and the songs sound cohesive with each other. This maybe J Cole’s best album to date, as the artist is getting more in tuned with society through his music. I give this album a solid 8 out of 10, The majority of The album sounds good but there are a few throw away tracks in the mix. The top songs to listen to on the album are January 28th, A Tale of 2 Citiez, Wet Dreamz 03, Adolescence and Fire Squad.


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