Peyton Manning: End of an Era?

Byron Dixon| BKD TV

With another playoff lost dropping his record in the postseason to a disappointing and abysmal (11-13) the great Peyton Manning finds himself in both a familiar as well as unfamiliar position. The greatest regular season quarterback in NFL history has been knocked out of the playoffs in his teams first playoff game an alarming nine times, no other quarterback has more than four instances if that happening. Sadly, it seems like now when we think pf Manning in big games the first thing we see is the 43-8 debacle at the hands of the legion of boom and the Seattle Seahawks and now the 24-13 loss to Andrew Luck the guy they bought in to replace Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. In Peyton’s defense he was not himself for the better part of the last month of the regular season. Battling the flu to even playing the game with a torn right calf something was just off and it was not hard to realize.

Now it seems not only that Manning’s future has come into to question but the Broncs future has come into question as well. Manning who is 38 years old and has two years remaining on his contract now has no coach to come back to at the moment. John Fox and the Broncos mutually agreed to part ways after the loss and now it seems Jack Del Rio the defensive coordinator may be leaving soon as well (heading to coach the Raiders). Manning who has been surrounded with a plethora of weapons and a solid defense finds himself at a crossroads like no other.

When asked about if he would come back next season Manning said “Yeah, I guess I just can’t give that simple answer without processing it,” he said at his post game press conference. “I can’t say that. I could not say that.” Peyton Manning has been to three Super Bowl’s, won four NFL MVP awards, and has the single season record for touchdowns in a single season (55). Manning is a first ballot Hall of Fame player who still seems to have enough in the tank to make at least one more run at another Lombardi trophy.

As the old adage goes “father time is undefeated” but there is another saying “the older one gets the wiser they become”. Peyton Manning is the most intelligent football mind in the games history and with his wisdom he will still come up with ways of ciphering NFL defenses and winning his usual 12-13 games in the process. With young stud receivers and tight ends,a new commitment to running the ball, a consistently solid offensive line and a defense with stars on each level Peyton Manning can be the coach he always has been on the field and take this team back to another Super Bowl within the next two years he has left. The NFL without Peyton Manning is a scary thought to embrace, from his Omaha calls at the line, his catchy commercials or his dry yet effective sense of humor he is one of the great ambassadors to the game of football. So hold off on those retirement talks just yet as Canton can wait, number 18 is not ready to ride off into the sunset yet.


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