Warriors of The West

Byron Dixon| BKD TV

The Warriors have indeed come out to play early in the NBA season. With two of the best shooters in the NBA coupled with a rookie but experienced head coach in sharpshooter Steve Kerr the Golden State Warriors are the best team (record wise) in the NBA. With only six losses so far and about forty games into the season, the question is how far can they go into the playoffs in a deep competitive Western Conference?

Last season after a tough seven game series loss with the Clippers, coach Mark Jackson was fired. This left many NBA affilaites wondering who their next coach would be, in a surprising move over the New York Knicks and the master of Zen Phil Jackson they landed Steve Kerr to be their next coach who had no prior coaching experience.

The thing that has stood out so far is not only the continued commitment to defense that Mark Jackson instilled but the overall offensive efficiency this team operates with, this is not just revolved around jump shooting but consistent passing giving up good shots for great shots.With all of the success thus far many pundits still believe this team is not built for the playoffs.

That is a valid argument but this Warriors team stretches far beyond their ability to shoot jump shots. Besides the Splash Brothers who are great, let us not forget the ever versatile David Lee who can rebound and score on the low block, Andrew Bogut who has had health issues but is a defensive rim protector and the good swing man play of Harrison Barnes they have a nice starting five that will be formidable in the Western Conference playoffs no matter who they face.

No team is complete without consistent bench production, this team exemplifies that from the signing of Shaun Livingston, drafting Draymond Green who is in the conversation for most improved player, and signing Andre Iguodola who has accepted his new role they can compete with any second unit in the NBA. Steve Kerr appears to be on his way to coach of the year honors as it looks like the Warriors will win close to sixty games and be a viable title contender. Stephen Curry is currently the leader when it comes to MVP with not only his ability to score but distribute and defend. The ultimate question will be the seedlings and match-ups that align between now and April as the Western Conference standing begin to take shape in the coming weeks.


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