The Rebounds & Blocks of the NBA 2014-2015 Season Week 16 (NBA All Star Review)

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

Zach Levine amazing dunk helps him win the 2015 NBA Slam Dunk contest in Brooklyn on All Star Saturday Night


The Rebounds (Best) & Blocks (Worst) of the NBA right after the All Star Break 2014-2015 NBA season, lets take a look below at the action from this week, thanks to & for help in this article:


  1. Russell Westbrook 41 Points in NBA All Star Game- Russell Westbrook played the Shooting Guard most of the All Star game on Sunday in MSG & we see why. Westbrook scored 41 points — one shy of Wilt Chamberlain’s 53-year-old record — and was selected MVP of the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday night after leading the West to a 163-158 win over the East at Madison Square Garden.Oklahoma City’s flashy point guard set a record with 27 first-half points and nearly topped Chamberlain’s mark set in 1962. Westbrook didn’t realize he was within reach of Chamberlain until it was too late and the West was trying to maintain its lead. Westbrook became the third player to score 40 points in an All-Star Game, joining Chamberlain and Michael Jordan, who had 40 in 1988.
  2. Zach Levine saves the NBA Slam Dunk Contest- He invoked Space Jam, then leaped to another galaxy.Minnesota Timberwolves rookie ZachLaVine stunned the Barclays Center crowd in running away with the slam dunk contest at All-Star Saturday. He beat Orlando Magic guard Victor Oladipo in the finals, as Oladipo stalled out after a 540-degree spin on his first dunk. LaVine never stopped. He was dominant at a level rarely seen in dunk contests.”I’m still on cloud nine. I feel like I’m dreaming,” LaVine said. “Seeing all the dunk contests and people hoisting the trophy, I just saw myself do it and lived it. So it’s a dream come true. I’m glad my family is here to witness it and go through it. “He wore a “Tune Squad” Michael Jordan jersey for his first dunk, a reverse between the legs in which he switched his hands. Then he topped that with a behind-the-back windmill on his second to advance to the finals with a perfect score.
  3. Stephen Curry shoots the lights out in the 3-Point Contest- Both Splash Brothers Teammates Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson made it to the Finals of the Foot Locker 3 Point Contest, but boy did Stephen Curry took it to another level.Curry absolutely owned the finals, thrilling the New York City crowd with an event-record score of 27. Curry’s dominant second round was made possible by a stretch of 13-straight makes spanning the third through fifth racks. That was the second longest streak of made shots in event history, behind only Craig Hodges’ legendary performance in 1991 (19 straight makes). That followed a separate streak of seven straight makes over the first and second racks. His 27 point-output was 10 more than the second-place finisher Kyrie Irving, who led off the final round with a score of 17. In the first round, Curry was the fifth participant up, and his 23 matched Irving for the high up to that point. Curry saved his money rack for last, and he certainly took advantage by hitting four of those five shots. In total, Curry went 15-for-25 in the opening round, and he connected on eight of his nine two-point attempts.


  1. Lebron James regrets not being in the Slam Dunk Contest-

While speaking with former teammate Dwyane Wade during an interview session over All-Star Weekend, Cavaliers forward LeBron James admitted heregrets not ever participating in the annual Dunk Contest.

Despite previously committing to join past Dunk Contests and then not participating, James said he’s more of an in-game dunker, but he does regret not partaking.

“I was mad at myself because I believe it would’ve been great,” James said.

Although James expressed regret over years of not participating in the contest, he said he’s too old participate in the future.

“At this point, I’m over the hill now,” James said. If you look at this Youtube video below from last season, we will let you judge if Lebron is over the hill to be in the slam dunk contest.

2. Carmelo Anthony playing 30 Mins in the All Star Game without much production- Carmelo Anthony has waited all season for this weekend for the NBA All Star Game in MSG since the NY Knicks are the worst team in basketball, but boy Carmelo looks like he needs to shut it down after this game.

In a way, this was the most important game of his season and it ended up a failure to some. He made only 6 of 20 shots from the field and 2 of 13 from the 3-point line. He had 14 points and missed a couple of key shots at the end of the game that could have turned the East’s chances of a comeback victory into a reality. This is supposed to matter on some level, but it’s hard to convince a lot of people that an exhibition can truly affect a season.

“I wasn’t expecting to play that many minutes,” Anthony admitted after the game. “It was just one of those things. Coach asked me do I want to get out there and play, and just being here in New York and seeing the guys out there having fun, knowing I couldn’t be myself out there, I still wanted to be part of the game, part of the guys, and just — it’s here in New York. So I wanted to kind of just try to take advantage of that moment and this moment.”




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