Annual Milk Carton Awards Presents by DSN- 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

An DSN exclusive returns right here on BKD TV with the worst performances from the NBA Playoffs from each round as the Milk Carton Awards returns, this is how I did it back on my Facebook Page back in 2009 at the link there- 2009 Milk Carton Awards. Plus also this picture of Roy Hibbert of the Pacers from last year for example. 

Now lets get into the 2015 NBA Playoffs 1st Round Milk Carton Awards(averages are per game; stats are from

1st Winner: Omer Asik Center from the New Orleans Pelicans- Asik stats in 4 Playoff Games(started all 4), 19.8 Minutes, 2.0 Points, 0 Blocks, 1.3 Turnovers, 2.5 Fouls & 1.2 Assist to Turnover Ratio

Asik looked lost in the Pelicans getting sweep by the Warriors, he playing time went down as he only shot 20% from the field & 57% from the Free Throw Line. The Pelicans probably was not going to beat the Warriors, but Asik would have helped his case if he did just go missing in action.

Omer Asik of the New Orleans Pelicans

2nd Winner: Terrence Ross Small Forward from the Toronto Raptors- Ross stats in 4 Playoff Games(started all 4), 26.8 Minutes, 7.0 Points, 1.5 Rebounds, 1.0 Assists, 2.5 Fouls.

Ross really looked small in their 4 straight defeats at the hands of the Wizards. Ross shot at .379% from the field & really never had any real offense in this series for this former dunk Champion. Ross went missing & did not show full effort vs. the Wizards while the broom came out on them.

Terrence Ross of the Toronto Raptors

3rd Winner: Rajon Rando Point Guard from the Dallas Mavericks- Rando stats in 2 Playoff Games(started in both), 18.5 Minutes, 9.5 Points, 1 Rebound, 3 Assists & 3 Fouls. This report came from Pro Basketball Talk about Rando:

Rajon Rando of the Dallas Mavericks


Rajon Rondo‘s brief time in Dallas came to an end long before the Mavericks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Rockets.

After a disastrous 36-second stint to start the second half of Game 2, where Rondo picked up two personal fouls and a technical in an immature display that had many feeling like he quit on his team, he was benched by his head coach, never to return to the Dallas lineup.

The team said a back injury was to blame, and that it would sideline Rondo indefinitely. Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle later said he didn’t expect Rondoto ever wear a Mavericks uniform again, and now we know the reason why.

From Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas:

Rondo never really fit with the Mavs, as the concerns about the impact of his poor shooting in coach Rick Carlisle’s flow offense quickly manifested and were never solved. The hope of a “Playoff Rondo” sighting was crushed after his poor Game 1 performance and the appearance he gave up in Game 2.

The Mavs and Rondo made a mutual decision to part ways the next day, sources told, framing the reasoning as a back injury as a favor to try to help the four-time All-Star point guard save face.

The truth was that the Mavs didn’t want Rondo, who was going to be replaced in the starting lineup regardless, pouting and rubbing off on other players, Ellis in particular. Essentially, the Mavs made a drastic move in an attempt to do damage control on a chemistry crisis.

Just as we all suspected.

The back injury story was nonsense, if only because Rondo had been playing through it all along, and it was clear that his demeanor (and not his back) was what was hurting the team the most.

Telling the truth publicly at the time, that Rondo was a cancerous addition to the Mavericks who would be benched the rest of the way, would have only caused needless controversy for the remaining players in the locker room who were still battling to try to win a first-round playoff series.

That spells it out right their folks, enough said.

4th Winner: Aaron Affalo Shooting Guard from the Portland Trail Blazers- Affalo stats in 3 Playoff Games(started all 3),20.0 Minutes, 1.7 Points, 2.3 Rebounds, 0.7 Assists, 1 Turnover, 2 Fouls & 0.7 Assists to Turnover Ratio.

Affalo came back from a Right Shoulder Injury to play Game 3 in Blazers series vs. the Grizzlies, “He just never recovered from the shoulder (injury),” Blazers coach Terry Stotts said during exit interviews. “You could tell in the playoffs he wasn’t himself. It was disappointing he wasn’t able to play in Games 1 and 2 and then it was disappointing in Games 3, 4 and 5, you could tell that he wasn’t able to do the things we was capable of.” With that being said Affalo might be done in Rip City & the Blazers might not be the same this summer with Affalo & LaMarcus Aldridge could be gone.

Aaron Affalo of the Portland Trail Blazers


Team Winner: Milwaukee Bucks woeful Game 6 Home performance over the Raptors Game 4 defeat in DC- The Milwaukee Bucks was defeated 120-66 in Game 6 & lost their series to the Chicago Bulls 4-2. The Bulls finished four points from the NBA playoff record for largest margin of victory. Minnesota beat St. Louis 133-75 on March 19, 1956.In an indication of Milwaukee’s misery on offense, no Bucks starter scored more than Zaza Pachulia’s eight points. It was the biggest playoff loss in team history. The Bucks lost by 36 points at New York in 1970.The Bucks were 25 of 76 from the field (32.9 percent) while Chicago was 46 of 90 (51.1 percent).

Antetokounmpo was ejected after a hard foul on Dunleavy during a 3-point attempt that sent him crashing into the front row of fans with 1:34 left in the second quarter. After a review, officials ruled it a flagrant 2. The Bucks were never really in this one, though, trailing 34-16 at the end of the first quarter and 65-33 at the half. It easily marked the largest margin in a home playoff loss for a team facing elimination, surpassing the 1969 Warriors’ 40-point loss to the Lakers. No Bucks Player scored over 8 Points in this performance.

The Bucks’ promising season came to a crashing halt with a blowout loss in Game 6 of the playoff series against Chicago.




Hopefully everybody enjoy the 1st Round of the 2015 Milk Carton Awards, we will be back for the rest of the NBA Playoffs worst at a later date.


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