Golden State Warriors Score First NBA Championship Since 1975

Byron Dixon| BKD TV

  Throughout the various statements uttered as it pertains to NBA Champions and there makeup, many if not all of those points were shattered with the crowning of the Golden State Warriors as NBA Champions. Some of those statements are as followed: jump shooting teams cannot win an NBA title, you must have a physical presence down low, your first year coach with no experience cannot take a team and win a championship.The Golden State Warriors should go down as one of the best teams in NBA History, going 83-20 including the postseason, in all there have been only eleven teams to complete this feat. Only the 1996-1997 Bulls (84-17) and 1995-1996 Bulls (87-13) both lead by a guy named Michael Jordan.

The Warriors did it with class and splash, led by MVP and budding superstar Stephen Curry who has taken the league by storm and is right next to LeBron James as one of the faces of the NBA. At only 27 and entering his prime Curry is just getting started and has room for improvement to not only win more MVP trophies but have his team in contention for Championships for years to come. With a humble personality and strong family background to attribute to his all world game and shooting ability he is the appropriate role model for the NBA and its future.

Klay Thompson also known as Splash Brother number two has developed from a spot up shooter to an all around star on both ends of the court not only for his ability to score 37 points in quarter but to also be able to defend the other teams best player night in and night out. Thompson and Curry the NBA’s back court are not going anywhere and strike fear into the hearts of opponents as soon as they step into the arena. Draymond Green is going to make himself a lot of money this off season, the former Michigan State stand out has nicely transitioned to help become a part of what many may or may not consider a big three in Oakland. Green’s versatility to play power forward and in this series and undersized center is something that should not go unnoticed. His ability to defend all five positions and stretch the floor is rare and will be something teams will line up to pay top dollar for.

Steve Kerr and his staff lead by Alvin Gentry faced adversity and overcame it time after time, the measure of a coach is how he can make adjustments when facing adversity. Down 2-1 against Memphis he did that and helped rally his team to a 4-2 series win. Down 2-1 against the best player in the world Kerr went to his ever deep bench and inserted Andre Iguodola who was the difference in the series and went on to win Finals MVP.

The depth of the Warriors was the best in basketball in 2014-2015. From Harrison Barnes, Leandro Barbosa, Shaun Livingston, Andrew Bogut and David Lee this team had a balance of players who could start or come off the bench and impact a game and in this instance a series to help win a Championship. The Golden State Warriors will have a good chance to be back in contention next year without much turnover looming. In an ever tough Western Conference they will be tested night in and night out and get every teams best shot. While there may still be naysayers the Warriors will have a chance to prove them wrong again and lock and load and shoot for another championship parade next season in the Bay Area.


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