BKD TV’s NFL Preview Series 32 Teams In 32 Days: New England Patriots

Byron Dixon| BKD TV

As we move through the dog days of sports with NBA Basketball coming to an end and MLB baseball approaching its All Star break we will take a look into our NFL Crystal Ball and predict each teams 2015 season outlook. We will aim to provide team by team analysis for all 32 NFL Teams and give football fans something to hold them over until next months Hall of Fame Game. Our first team will be the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots who have been in the headlines lately with Deflate Gate and the suspension (while under appeal) of Tom Brady.

While We Were Away:

The Patriots have been the leaders of the AFC East for the past decade and have been the class of the AFC and been in multiple conference championship games and Super Bowl’s. With their most recent Super Bowl Championship they have cemented their legacy as a great organization no matter your opinion on whether or not they are cheaters. The AFC East gap is closing and this could be the year their crown could be taken, the Patriots have lost some key pieces to their Championship run especially in their vaunted secondary. This season will be different especially if Brady misses a few games due to this suspension and we could see a slight decline. But let us not forget these are still the Patriots.

2015 Season Outlook:

The Patriots will be the leaders of this division again this year. It is hard to predict a team like this falling off completely and not being competitive as long as they have the owner in Robert Kraft, the coach Bill Belichick, and quarterback Tom Brady. Let us not forget they also have one of the best players in football in Rob Gronkowski who will help out along the way as well. The Patriots will win the AFC East and be back in the hunt for a deep playoff run and possibly another Super Bowl as well.

2015 Record: 10-6

The Patriots may have some early season hiccups like last season but they will finish strong once again and be in contention in the wide open AFC.


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