BKD TV’s NFL Preview Series: Indianapolis Colts

Byron Dixon| BKD TV


This just in, Andrew Luck is the real deal. It is very seldom we see a player who lives up to and even exceeds hype bestowed upon him, this is true in Luck’s case. Each year his team gets a step closer to that Super Bowl, last year their season ended in New England after being thrashed by a team that was just better at the time. The Colts are young and have decided to polish their team with experience to get them over the hump.

While We Were Away: The Colts were busy this off season and bought in long time Houston Texan great receiver Andre Johnson  and San Francisco great running back Frank Gore to help out in two need areas. This team is the best in their division and it has been clear over the past three seasons. Andrew Luck is elite and can do it all in and out of the pocket. This team has the essentials to make a Super Bowl run not only this upcoming season but for some years to come with number 12 under center.

2015 Season Outlook: The Colts will be good and go as far as Andrew Luck takes them, while there are many components to a championship team having a QB that can make those plays in winning time will be the difference. This team should win the AFC South and get a top three seed in the AFC Playoff picture if not a top two seed. This teams season will be defined by what they do in January and February only as this is a win now league and their QB is the new face of the NFL and the pieces are aligned.

2015 Record: 12-4

The Colts have what it takes, but in the words of Herman Edwards “You play to win the game”. This team is prepared and motivated to win, the hardest part is actually putting it together on the field and doing it. In a wide open AFC race they jump out as an early favorite and could set that tone throughout this upcoming season. The Colts could very well be the AFC representative for Super Bowl 50.


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