2015 MLB Home Run Derby Preview

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

MLB HR Derby 2015

Instead of the MLB Good, Bad & Ugly(aka MLB GBU) for Monday, BKD TV will preview the 2015 MLB All Star Game which has a new format, instead of each hitter getting a set number of outs, there will be a running five-minute clock during which the batter tries to hit as many homers as he can.

During the final minute, the clock will stop after each home run hit and will restart after a non-home run lands or the batter whiffs on a pitch. And since we know chicks dig the long ball, batters will be awarded bonus time if they hit two bombs that go at least 420 feet and even more time if they hit another fly at least 475. Below are the match-ups & then I will give my prediction to win.


1 Albert Pujols (Los Angeles Angels) vs. 8 Kris Bryant (Chicago Cubs): Pick- Pujols

4 Joc Pederson (Los Angeles Dodgers) vs. 5 Manny Machado (Baltimore Orioles): Pick- Machado

3 Josh Donaldson (Toronto Blue Jays) vs. 6 Anthony Rizzo (Chicago Cubs): Pick- Rizzo

2 Todd Frazier (Cincinnati Reds) vs. 7 Prince Fielder (Texas Rangers): Pick- Fielder


I like Pujols vs. Fielder in the Finals, which The Prince will win another HR Derby, this time in Cincinnati. On Tuesday we will recap the HR Derby & preview the MLB All Star Game also known as The Mid Summer Classic.


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