The Flex Zone Episode 51- Summerslam Recap Special

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

The Dudley Boys made there return to the WWE after 10 years on Monday Night Raw after Summerslam.

Check into The Flex Zone for our recap show of both SummerSlam and WWE Raw with The Wrestling Wrealm’s Brian H. Waters and Dwayne T. Allen. Also joining in the debate Roger Lee Herring and Anthony Nichols with a special interview from Brian Shields. Mykell Ramos, Crevonte Hurde, Demarus Analyst D, Byron Dixon, Richard Byanymeansnecessary Good, Dean Perretta and Brian Snow thanks for all of your help on production.

Also check out my review of Summerslam by clicking on Summerslam Review

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