BKD TV Presents: Darrien Coleman’s Players and Team of Week 3


Darrien Coleman| BKD TV Insiders

Week 3

Offensive Player of the Week: AJ Green 10 catches 227 yards 2 TDs

Week three was the week of the wide receiver. There were big days and big plays from big names on the outside, but no star shined brighter than AJ Green. He continually beat defenders in the Ravens secondary and on one drive, he caught every pass thrown by Andy Dalton, including a touchdown. But his biggest moment was his 80 yard touchdown to seal a big division win in Baltimore. Green split the middle of the Ravens zone and raced past two defenders spinning his way out of a tackle and into the end zone. This is the third straight year Green has caught a touchdown in Baltimore longer than 50 yards to tie or win a game in the fourth quarter. Green constantly beat the Ravens corners when they played man coverage on him, particularly Jimmy Smith, who was too distraught to talk to reporters after the game. Cincinnati has been talented for about five years now, and maybe a performance like this will earn them their first playoff win in 25 years.

Honorable mention: Steve Smith, Julio Jones, Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, Cam Newton, Amari Cooper, Latavius Murray

Defensive Player of the Week: Tyrann Mathieu 5 tackles 2 pass deflections 2 interceptions TD

Remember when Tyrann Mathieu had a drug problem and kicked off his college team at LSU? Remember him sliding down draft boards in 2013 because of the aforementioned issue? Remember him being considered a risk when the Cardinals drafted him? Me neither. Since entering the league Mathieu has been a leader on and off the field for an Arizona Cardinals that has boasted one of the leagues best defenses and highest win totals over the past two seasons. He may have won Rookie of the year had he not been injured, and he bounced back with a good year last year. Mathieu is off to his best start yet this season, and according to Pro Football Focus he was only targeted three times while in coverage. He allowed a completion for two yards and intercepted the other two passes and returned one of those picks for a touchdown. He was also solid in run support helping to hold 49ers running back Carlos Hyde to just 51 rushing yards in a 40 point route by the Cardinals. This is probably the best team in the NFL in the early season, and Mathieu plays a big role in his team’s success.

(P.S. kudos to Charles Woodson for making an honorable mention. He turns 39 in about a week which is easily 105 in DB years. Its amazing to see him still play at a high level at that position and that age.)

Honorable mention: Khalil Mack, Charles Woodson, Jamie Collins, Antony Barr, Preston Brown

Team Win of the Week: Buffalo Bills

The Bills have been a pleasant surprise to most people that follow the NFL so far this season. Rex Ryan’s team completely dismantled the Dolphins, a division foe and popular wild card pick. The Bills defense continued its dominance by not allowing a 50 yard rusher and forcing Ryan Tannehill to throw three interceptions. Tyron Taylor looked sharp once again, completing 72% of his passes and throwing three touchdowns without a turnover. The Bills also played mistake free football with only five penalties for 40 yards and no turnovers. While the Patriots still own this division, the Bills are becoming a team nobody wants to play, and are starting to look like a contender.

Honorable mention: Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks


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