2016 WWE Fastlane Preview

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders



The WWE PPV before WrestleMania for the 2nd year is once again Fastlane & which for the 2nd year there is a No.1 Contenders match for the WWE Championship Match for WrestleMania 32 in Dallas, Texas. Also we have 3 title matches plus other key matches for the Road to WrestleMania in Cleveland for Fastlane. WWE Fastlane Starts 8pm EST/4pm PST on WWE Network or PPV with the Pre-Show starting at 7pm.

Pre-Show Match: UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Kalisto (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Credit: WWE.com

Setup to the PPV- At Royal Rumble, Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio to win the WWE United States Championship. Del Rio then invoked his rematch clause to face Kalisto for the title at the event. On the February 15 episode of Raw, it was announced the match would take place on the Fastlane pre-show. Later in the show, Del Rio challenged Kalisto to a two-out-of-three falls match at the event.

Prediction- Having seeing this 2 go at it 3 times by the Royal Rumble, it was good to see these 2 take a break & build some ground for the rematch, which will be a 2 out of 3 falls match. I do think it does benefit the WWE to have at least 1 underdog Champion right now & Kalisto many have filled a void that the WWE had with the Latino Community. I like Kalisto to retain over Del Rio unless the League of Nations or Sin Cara gets involved somehow. 

Kane, Ryback and Big Show vs. The Wyatt Family w/Bray Wyatt in there corner

Credit: WWE.com

Setup to the PPV- On the January 25 episode of Raw, Bray Wyatt defeated Kane. After the match, The Wyatt Family attacked Kane. On the February 1 episode of Raw, Big Show defeated Erick Rowan. After the match, the Wyatt Family attacked Big Show. On the February 8 episode of Raw, Wyatt defeated Ryback. After the match, the Wyatt Family attack Ryback. On the February 15 episode of Raw, Big Show defeated Braun Strowman by disqualification due to the Wyatt Family attacking Big Show. Post-match, Ryback and Kane came out to assist Big Show. On February 16, it was announced that Ryback, Big Show and Kane would face the Wyatt Family members Luke Harper, Rowan and Strowman in a Six-man tag team match at the event.

Prediction- I really don’t have much faith in the team of Ryback, Big Show & Kane. I feel this is a match to get the Wyatt Family over mainly Braun Strowman. Hopefully this pushes the Wyatt Family outside of Bray into other things, not to beef with the Undertaker again or these 3 again for that matter. I like the Wyatt Family to win.

Segment with Edge & Christian interviewing Tag Team Champions The New Day

Setup to the PPV- On the February 15 episode of Raw, it was announced that Edge and Christian would host The New Day on The Cutting Edge Peep Show at the event.

Prediction- This segment will serve 2 purposes, 1st to promote Edge & Christian new show on the WWE Network that will be coming out soon & 2nd to see who will challenge the New Day for the WWE Tag team Titles. With these 5 this segment should be entertaining & Goldust/R-Truth or the Social Outcasts could set something up the New Day

Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Team BAD

Credit: WWE.com

Setup to the PPV- On the February 1 episode of Raw, Sasha Banks announced her split from Team B.A.D., causing her former teammates Naomi and Tamina to attack Banks during her match against Becky Lynch. Lynch assisted Banks, setting up a tag team match between the two teams for the event.

Prediction- I think the way that Sasha Banks broke up from Team BAD could have been done better, but it was right on time. Her & Lynch teamed alot in NXT but on the main roster both have to trust each other. I wouldn’t be shocked if Team BAD win with Lynch & Banks costing each other the match.

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Credit: WWE.com

Setup to the PPV- On the February 15 episode of Raw, Kevin Owens won a fatal five-way match also involving Tyler Breeze, Dolph Ziggler, Stardust and previous champion Dean Ambrose to win his second Intercontinental Championship. Ziggler confronted Owens and challenged him to an Intercontinental championship match at the event. Later in the show, it was announced that Owens would defend the title against Ziggler at the event.

Prediction- Kevin Owens got the Intercontinental Title back in his hands, but have suffered 2 losses to Dolph Ziggler in the past couple of weeks. These 2 have had good match with each other & with the IC Title on the line it does help things. I see Owens retaining the match looking for a rematch with Dean Ambrose which wasn’t pinned to lose the title maybe down the line if he doesn’t win the Main Event.

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

Credit: WWE.com


Setup to the PPV- At Royal Rumble, AJ Styles made his return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble match. On the January 25 episode of Raw, Styles defeated Chris Jericho. On the February 11 episode of SmackDown, Jericho defeated Styles. On the February 15 episode of Raw, after Styles defeated The Miz, Styles challenged Jericho to a match at Fastlane, which Jericho accepted on the February 18 episode of SmackDown.

Prediction- The rubber match between these 2 wrestling stars should be good, Styles hasn’t talked much so far but he has made a impact in the ring during his matches. I see Styles getting over on Jericho by winning & Jericho looking ahead to another challenge.

Charlotte (c) (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Brie Bella

Credit: WWE.com

Setup to the PPV- On the February 1 episode of Raw, Brie Bella defeated WWE Divas Champion Charlotte. The following week on Raw, it was announced that Charlotte would defend the title against Brie Bella at the event.

Prediction- Charlotte & Brie has done a good job making this match more than just for the Divas Championship, but more personal with Charlotte getting on Daniel Bryan & Charlotte claiming she took out Brie twin sister Nikki Bella. Brie will put up a good fight but I see Charlotte retaining with help from her dad Slick Ric.

NUMBER ONE CONTENDER’S MATCH for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose

Credit: WWE.com


Setup to the PPV- At the Royal Rumble event, Triple H won the Royal Rumble match by last eliminating Dean Ambrose to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The following night on Raw, Stephanie McMahon announced a triple threat match featuring Ambrose, previous champion Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar at the event, with the winner facing Triple H at WrestleMania 32 for the championship.

Prediction- I know most want Dean Ambrose to win & really throw a monkey wrench in the plans for WrestleMania & a piece of me hope he does, but I see Roman Regins going into WrestleMania as the No.1 contender to Triple H WWE WH Championship. Brock Lensar will get over earlier but I think the group that cost him at the Royal Rumble will cost him again in this match, which would take him out of the mix. I see Regins doing his thing & going on to WrestleMania to face Triple H, hopefully I am wrong as Ambrose has gotten fully over with the crowd in my opinion.



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