The Best of Skip Bayless on 1st Take/Cold Pizza Pt.2

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

Skip-Bayless & SAS


As we continue with Part 2 of the best of Skip Bayless, in Part 1 we looked at Skip Battles vs. Terrell Suggs, Richard Sherman, Allen Iverson, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh & Mark Cuban. Below is the link to review Part 1 & Below Part 2 plus Skip’s Full Last Day Episode of 1st Take & the Flex Zone take as well.

The Best of Skip Bayless on 1st Take/Cold Pizza Pt.1

Skip & Stephen A vs. Jalen Rose

Until last Friday episode of First Take during ESPN 📻 week, Jalen Rose hasn’t been on 1st Take since this hot debate on Skip’s High School Basketball Stats & Jalen getting on media members. I think Jalen being back on was the Host of 1st Take Molly Quierm having a hand. Anyway check out the 5 part segments below.






Skip vs. Chad Johnson

Skip Bayless & Chad Johnson, oh boy. Their best debate was in the Bengals Locker Room which is not available, but in the last couple of years was just as good below as Skip questions Chad as a good teammate, etc.



Skip vs. TO

Skip Bayless famous words on Terrell Owens aka Team Obliterator as below Skip questions every place TO went & destroyed teams plus why he wasn’t a 1st ballot HOF.




Also Skip vs. TO & Chad on February 10, 2016

Skip Bayless on Floyd Mayweather

Skip Bayless to this day with call Floyd Mayweather a chicken since he ran from fighters mainly Manny Paciquio & after Mayweather beat Paciquio claiming that he was hurt. Skip in the Money Team gear is too funny below.




Skip’s Love of Tim Tebow

It was almost scary at times the Love Skip Bayless had for Tim Tebow, claiming he was more clutch than Tom Brady, Lebron James, etc. Just see below the best of Skip & Tebow.








Skip on Lebron James

Skip on Prince James as he called him at times. Skip has been more right than wrong on Lebron until recently. Take a look below.







Here is Skip’s last day on First Take

Here is the FlexZone Take on Skip Bayless on ESPN First Take





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