Does The Madden Franchise Still have Impact?

Roger Herring| BKD TV Insiders & Published by Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

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Madden does it have the same impact that it use to have?

Well Ladies and Gentleman it’s another year and football is right around the corner. Preseason has started and that can only mean one thing, which is the return of the video game, Madden. Everyone has there own opinion about Madden, some people love it, some hate it and others are just tired of it. It is the only football game that has the NFL License due to EA Sports signing an exclusive contract with the NFL. Madden the video game has been around for over 28 years and is the longest running football game franchise to be made every year. The question that needs to be asked is does it still have the same impact it did when it first came out?

The first Madden game I owned was Madden 95 on the Sega Genesis. It was my first real introduction to football as a kid and although the graphics weren’t top notch I had fun playing it on a consistent basis. There were other NFL games in the 90’s and early 2000’s that were just as good as Madden. Games like NFL Gameday, NFL Quarterback Club, NFL Fever, NFL Blitz and everyone’s personal favorite the NFL 2K series. These games faded away when The NFL decided to sign a Licensing agreement with EA Sports. Now Madden is the only franchise that can showcase NFL players, Stadiums and Equipment threw a professional video game setting.

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Every company needs competition to get better. When Madden had these other franchises to compete with it made them innovate and improve the way they decided to make their games. The Hit Stick and Franchise mode were very popular when they were first created in Madden. Over the years EA Sports didn’t seem to take it a step further with any new features for Madden.

Which made people wish there were other options instead of this game. The only things that Madden created was Ultimate Team and being able to play games online during a season with connected franchise mode. A lot of people were heart broken when the NFL 2K series was discontinued. Even till this day you will have die-hard 2K fans saying that NFL 2K5 is the greatest NFL game ever made. In that game they showed a half time show that was amazing compared to Madden’s crappy attempt. Which shows a lack of creativity from the Madden team to come up with new ideas.

Madden 17 was released this week and I am sure people waited in lines for a midnight release at their local video game store. I can’t say I blame them though who doesn’t want their fix of football? Especially since it is the only professional football game one is going to be able to buy. Until the NFL license is no longer a factor Madden will continue to dominate the market. So does Madden still have the same impact that it use to have? The answer is yes but not because of gameplay or the lack of creativity in coming up with new features but, it’s the only football game people have access to play on current video game Consoles.

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