10 WWE Wrestlers that need the Superstar Shakeup

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

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Mr. McMahon announced a Superstar Shakeup for this Monday Night Raw the night after WrestleMania 33. 

On the April 3 episode of Raw, Vince McMahon announced that on the following Raw and SmackDown Live, “it’s time to shake things up around here”, effectively announcing the 2017 draft, or what WWE is calling, the “Superstar Shakeup”. Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan have the “opportunity to make trades, deals and other moves that they feel fit”

Now for this post we will predict what 10 WWE Superstars need to be move to the other brand respectfully plus a wild card from each brand also. As we don’t how this Superstar Shakeup will go.

From Raw to Smackdown Live

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The New Day(Xavier Woods, Big E & Kofi Kingston)

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The New Day went thru every Tag Team during there WWE historic Tag Team Championship run 483 days, but lately the New Day had to go back down, as in a interview they had on the Cheap Heat Podcast that they had to go down to come back up, last Monday they lost to the Revival coming from NXT, its time for the New Day to Move to Smackdown Live as they will have fresh matchups & even if they break up you can have 3 single stars also.

Sami Zayn

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We got a little taste at Survivor Series of Sami Zayn fight vs. a Smackdown Live star in the Miz, but Zayn as really ran thru everybody on Raw & its time for Zayn to get new matchups on Smackdown Live & get away from Kevin Owens. Zayn vs. Ambrose, Zayn vs. Nakamura, etc. Fresh Matchups for Zayn & growth up the card from The Underdog from the Underground.

Charlotte Flair

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The Daughter of Hall of Fame Ric Flair has not disappoint as she is a 4 time Raw’s Women’s Championship, but with Raw limited Female Roster, The Queen needs to go to Smackdown Live & continue her dominance with new matchups on Tuesday’s Night with Charlotte vs. Naomi, Charlotte vs. Mickie James & the renewal of Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch. I see more Gold coming for Charlotte Flair on Smackdown Live.

Wild Cards- Anderson & Gallows

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If AJ Styles stay on Smackdown Live, I could see Anderson & Gallows coming over to reunite the Club on Smackdown Live, but even if AJ Styles moves to Monday Night’s, the former Raw Tag Team Champs will help Smackdown Live Tag Team Division badly also.


From Smackdown Live to Raw

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AJ Styles

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I know I mention about the Club getting together on Smackdown Live, but AJ Styles need to be on Raw. After having the WWE Championship for 4 months & being in the main event sense on Smackdown Live, The Phenomenal One needs to be on Raw with such matchups as Styles vs. Owens, Styles vs. Balor, Styles vs. Samoa Joe just to name a few. Styles is the best going in the WWE today & yes Raw has 3 hours to fill and with Styles he will more times than not will have the best match on the card each Monday Night.

Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler & The Miz had a amazing run with the Intercontinental Championship, the Miz keep rising & Dolph Ziggler went down. Even now as a heel, Ziggler has been lost in the sauce on Smackdown Live & yes The Showoff can earn it all back on Monday’s Night as Ziggler vs. Balor, Ziggler vs. Reigns, Ziggler vs. Rollins would all be hot & get Ziggler back to main event status indeed.

Breezango- Fandango & Tyler Breeze

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You need a comedy tag team back on Raw if the New Day moves to Smackdown Live & Breezango can fill that role on Raw as both Fandango & Tyler Breeze have talent & can do well in the ring. Breezango vs. Enzo & Cass would be good to start. Breezango needs to move on Monday Nights to help they move up the card.

Alexa Bliss

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The former 2 time Smackdown Live Women’s Champion I thing have done it all on Tuesday Nights & she now need to spread her wings and take her Five Feet of Fury to the next level on Monday Nights. Bliss vs. Banks sounds good to me along with Bliss vs. Bayley too. She would freshen the Women’s sense up on Raw on Monday Nights.

Wild Card- Luke Harper

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The Backwoods Brawler needs to get away from Bray Wyatt & the best way to be his own man is to go to Raw. He can do well on his own & get a push to the US Title. Harper is good in the ring & his skills could be used better on Raw at this time.


So this Monday Night on Raw we will see who will be switching brands & this is very unpredictable as that is where Pro Wrestling is at its best indeed. Enjoy everybody.

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