The 506 Sports TV Themes Bracket

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders


So Far we have the 1st 3 parts of our BKD TV Sports Theme Series with NHL, MLB & NBA

But since its March, From JP Kirby of The 506:

In the spirit of March Madness and with the knowledge that I’m nothing if not a nerd for this sort of thing, not to mention there isn’t much else on this site this time of year, I’ve decided to do a bracket competition of the best TV sports themes in North America.

The inspiration goes to Max J. Rosenthal of the Washington Post, whose tweet I took and ran with.

So above is the bracket & you can Vote on it at this link here for the round of 64

Sports TV Theme Bracket


This is both JP Kirby Twitter

The 506 Sports Twitter


We will be back soon to continue our own Series on BKD-TV of the Best Sports TV Themes.


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