Best of the Goofy’s of the Week: Summer 2018

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

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Below is the best of The Flex Zone own Crevonte Hurde Goofy’s of the Week which is a segment which talks about what is goofy in anything sports, life or existence, enjoy & Subscribe to The Flex Zone Youtube Page.


Goofy’s of the Week

July 2– The entire Los Angeles Lakers team gets roasted and much more

July 9

July 16– Crevonte talks Pacman airport incident, Deangelo Williams wrestling and MORE..

July 23– Crevonte talking about Atlanta Hawks trade for Melo, O’s and MORE…

July 30– Crevonte talks Dak Prescott, Papa Johns and MORE!

August 6– Crevonte talks 045, EA Sports, Draymond Green and MORE!

August 13– Crevonte talks Redskins and Jets Brawl, Mike Dangoofy and MORE!

August 20– Crevonte talks Redskins, Jalen Ramsey, Dez Bryant and MORE..




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